ordinary riches

I’ve been listening to Ordinary Riches by Company of Thieves quite a bit lately. There are a number of things that stick out about this album:

  • Genevieve Schatz’s sexy voice. I tried to think of a more creative adjective, but everything I came up with would be qualities that comprise sexy. So sexy it is. She puts a lot into it and it shows in the final product.
  • Style and sound — distinct and sticks out from the typical crowd of similar music by elegantly combining all the elements of pop rock. The style elements capitalize on Genevieve’s aforementioned voice so well that you’re not sure if it’s the music that’s perfect for the voice or if it’s the voice that’s perfect for the music. “Oscar Wilde” is a pretty solid example — you’ve got your crunchy rhythm guitar, subtle organ, bouncy/driving bass, clean picks, and a number of beautifully timed lead fills.
  • Marc Walloch’s impressive guitar playing is what makes a lot of the aforementioned sonic awesomeness. There’s a truly dynamic quality to the way this guy plays guitar that takes a serious amount of talent, knowledge, and timing. His transition from chords to leads to fills back to chords is just so smooth and subtle. It’s appreciated the most as a guitarist, but the finished work should really be able to impress anybody just on sound.

Favorite track: “Pressure”

Definitive track: “Oscar Wilde”

Cool feature: Acoustic bonus tracks.

Also, check this band out on Youtube. They put up some very cool acoustic footage that puts on display the kind of energy Genevieve puts into the music, while Marc’s guitar play is showcased.

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  1. Reinaldo Rayl says :

    Preach it my brother.

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