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So CERN apparently discovered nearly mass-less neutrino particles traveling at speeds faster than light. This could redefine much of Einstein’s special relativity (which has stood the test of a century’s worth of scientific innovations); or it could just be the media sensationalizing what is most likely a mistake or anomaly.

It doesn’t matter though — I’m always glad when innovations in science spark our collective imagination.  This is just a taste of what could happen if we focus our resources on turning science fiction into science fact. It can happen — it wasn’t long ago that men on the moon, geosynchronous satellites, little touchscreen panels used to access massive databases, and even flip phones (which are now relics), were all simply science fiction.

What’s next?


ellie goulding

Ellie Goulding — the rising British folktronic pop star is going to be huge in America fairly soon. This is not an original thought of mine; it’s pretty obvious as the buzz about this woman increases. Mostly via my Facebook feed.

My first experience with Goulding was her track, “Lights” — a synthed out pop jam that happens to be FIRE. After listening to this song an inordinate amount of times on repeat via Spotify, I decided to grab her album Bright Lights.

And this is where the British product outshines her American counterparts handily. The talent, depth, and bounciness  crosses through a spectrum of electronic genres and does so without overshadowing Goulding’s vocal talents. It’s all done with a balance that is unparalleled by any domestic artist. For comparison, this album reminded me a lot of Details by Frou Frou.

Also…tambourine dance: