February was busy approaching absurd — I didn’t do much besides work, but here are some quick updates:

– Finished Great Sky River — I mentioned in my last post how this was slow going, but I’m glad to say it picked up towards the end. I began reading the subsequent book in the series, Tides of Light, and powered through a good amount of it on a flight to Tanzania towards the end of the month.

– Finally watched Drive. That Ryan Gosling sure is dreamy when he stares off into nothing. I had listened to the soundtrack pretty extensively before I ever watched the movie, but gained a new appreciation for the tracks because they suited the film so well.

– Watched all of USA Network’s White Collar. Slick, stylish, and an extremely likable cast of protagonists/supporting characters. I’d recommend it for anyone who loves stylish capers. Good luck not getting lost in Matt Bomer’s eyes and missing the whole plot though.

– Watched In Time on a flight. I was a little disappointed, considering the movie was done by the director of Gattaca, one of my all time favorites, but it was fine. Justin Timberlake’s ability to consistently not be the most terrible thing in all the movies he’s appeared in is pretty impressive, all things considered. Amanda Seyfried still hasn’t done any good work since Mean Girls. Olivia Wilde helps redefine MILF in this movie. Oh and Matt Bomer makes an appearance too.

– Watched Moneyball on another flight — strong performance from Brad Pitt, and I’m a huge sucker for inspirational sports movies. The Academy is not, apparently.

– Getting the itch to read some old school Raymond E. Feist fantasy again. Will expand more later.


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