Not Back From Hiatus Because There Was No Hiatus

Well, that was an interesting two months of hiatus. Let’s pretend it didn’t happen.

  • This isn’t breaking news, but Raymond E. Feist has been writing the final series set in his Midkemia world. When I think of fantasy stories I grew up on, Feist easily tops the list, and I feel like I have spent a lot of time in this particular world he created. So in preparation for the end, I decided to do a little re-reading. Instead of going all the way back, I started with the Krondor’s Sons duology, Prince of the Blood and The King’s Buccaneer. It’s always a somewhat bittersweet experience re-reading the work of an author ascending towards the top of his game when his more recent work has been underwhelming. These two books in particular serve as the bridge between the Riftwar Saga and the Serpentwar Saga. The Serpentwar Saga is where I think Feist was at the absolute top of his game in terms of plotting and pacing; his writing itself is usually so-so and easy to follow, but he actually threw some complexity and serious world-building into the the Serpentwar Saga. The book I specifically think of when I say this is the second book in the series, Rise of a Merchant Prince, which is up there as one of my favorite fantasy novels of all time. This stuff is my fried chicken; it’s comfort reading that does not ask me to think too much and sometimes that’s all I want. Needless to say, I am going to enjoy re-reading the rest over the next few months.
  • SpaceX made history today with the first ever commercial space bound rocket launch. The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the Dragon, a capsule containing supplies bound for the International Space Station, into orbit. The success of this mission is obviously a big deal to many people and organizations, most notably NASA; along with the indefinite cancellation of government shuttle launches, this development has the potential for shifting the landscape on private sector involvement in space activities.
  • And since we dream big around here, let’s flash forward to the future of space travel. Faster-than-light (FTL) travel is “impossible”, but since when has that stopped us? Popular Mechanics did a piece on the plausibility of the 10 most popular FTL systems in science fiction, so check it out.

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